King Oil is committed to providing its customers the very best quality in diesel fuels. Our entire diesel fuel line meets and exceeds the Ultra Low Sulfur standards.

King Oil offers a full line of diesel fuels for your specific needs.

  • Power Max Premium Diesel
    Power Max Premium Diesel fuel is our ultra low sulfur No. 2 premium diesel fuel. The high quality, performance-enhancing additives in this Diesel Fuel does more than you'd expect, helping your equipment run smoother and quieter. You'll love having enhanced engine performance and quicker starts in cold temperatures too.

    Power Max Premium Diesel fuel helps safeguard your engine against corrosion and your fuel system from power-robbing deposits. Our exclusive Guardian additive package helps keep your fuel injectors clean. Plus, Power Max Diesel Fuel exceeds required standards for conventional diesel fuels.

    Ultra low sulfur Diesel Fuel is recommended for use in all on-road heavy duty truck, farm equipment, automotive, and bus applications. It is also recommended for all off-road and stationary diesel engine applications where lower sulfur content for lower emissions is needed. Whether on the highway, on the farm, or on the construction site, Powel Max Premium Diesel is the quality choice for your diesel fuel.

    Our higher cetane number means you'll get better performance from every gallon. Our high-cetane number means Max Power Premium Diesel Fuel will ignite faster giving you a smoother ride while producing less white smoke. Now, think about this - ASTM minimum cetane level is 40, whereas our Power Max Diesel Fuel meets a minimum 47 cetane rating.

    Compare Power Max Premium Diesel fuel with regular diesel and you'll find there's a big difference - especially with our exclusive Power Max additive we put into it and in the enhanced protection your engine gets.

    Delivery is available in transport (7,500 gallons) and tank wagon (100 - 4000 gallons) quantities in modern, clean, state of the art trucks. Same day and emergency delivery is available.

    For the latest pricing, information and to set up a delivery call 800-546-4645.

  • #2 on and off road Diesel
    Typical uses of #2 off road dyed diesel fuels includes farm and construction equipment as well as commercial applications, e.g. generators and boilers.

    #2 on road clear diesel fuel is utilized for all on road vehicles. Applicable road taxes will be applied accordingly.

  • K-1 Kerosene
    Primarily used for temporary heat. It can also be used to "winterize" a diesel fuel."

  • Bio-Diesel blends
    King Oil offers soy-ester based Bio-Diesel blends. Blends offered are 2%, 5%, 10% and 20%.

  • Winter Fuel
    We offer winterized on and off road fuels to keep your equipment running through the harshest of winters. Please call for assistance in this important area.

  • Heating Fuels
    A variety of heating fuels can be tailored for residences ranging from mobile homes to large country estates. These heating fuels can also be tailored to meet any other heating needs that you may have. Please call for assistance regarding your heating needs.

For the latest pricing information and delivery scheduling, please call us at 800-546-4645.